"It's rare when the essence of jazz and the people who make it are adequately captured on film.
Al Vollmer's legacy has been brought to life and captured for posterity.
By creating the HBJB, he set in motion a series of events that culminated in decade's worth of great jazz that has warmed hearts around the world.
Run, don't walk to see this pair of sterling documentaries."
Loren Schoenberg 
Founding Director and Senior Scholar
The National Jazz Museum in Harlem


"What a joy to have just watched a most entertaining Jazz DVD entitled "Saving the Jazz Heritage".

From start to finish it captured my attention and held it. So much realness and honesty from warm musicians who have all paid dues. It was most enlightening to hear Joey Morant,  Max Fleming, Shelton, my friend (101 year young) Fred Staton and others speak about Jazz and life around this common denominator. What a treat to see and hear Ram Ramirez (composer of Lover Man) playing piano with the band. Wonderful music throughout this fine documentary.

The world in general and lovers of Blues & Jazz in particular should be grateful to and for Dr. Albert Vollmer for forming the Harlem Blues and Jazz band and contributing to such an important part of American history and helping to preserve this Black American culture.

I thank God for Al Vollmer who's deep and abiding passion, love, devotion and most importantly RESPECT for not just the music but for the musicians who created it knows no boundaries.

He stepped up to the plate, and made it happen.

Not just talk about it, but uses his own resources to bring about change for the good of so many.

Bless you


The Editing, Direction  (Julia Tikhonova), Camera work is to be commended."

JaRon Eames

Author of "Historical Jazz Conversations"


"These films exemplify why the word legendary belongs in front of The Harlem Blues and Jazz Band!"


Susan Goldbetter

Founder of Circuit Productions Inc.

"Played with guile, grace, humor and enthusiasm" - Hartford Courant
Founded in 1973 by King Oliver's trombonist/blues singer Clyde Bernhardt and jazz aficionado Al Vollmer, the Harlem Blues & Jazz Band has as its main concept to keep significant side-men of the Classic Jazz Period working and not forgotten. The continued quality of this group has caused the band to be declared a National Treasure and one of the most authentic Swing Bands playing today.
These originals aventually did jump at the Woodside and stomp at the Savoy, with Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Fats waller, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and other jazz greats. These are the artists who created a new genre of music for America. 
The band has performed at Lincoln Center in NYC, the Ordway Theater in Minnesota, countless Jazz Festivals, as well as main venues in Europe, including the American Embassy and Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Russia.

Documentary Films:

"Saving The Jazz Heritage. The Harlem Blues & Jazz Band."

"The Last of The First"